Bread and Roses

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Amerha volunteer team organized Bread and Roses event. Barakat sponsored that distinguished event which was held in Khan Asaad Pasha in Old Damascus. The event included various cultural sketches varied from singing, playing to theatrical performance. In addition to that prizes and gifts were handed over to the participated ladies.

Barakat for food industries has produced a new product.
Marathon in Damascus aims to support breast cancer patients
Barakat joined "y'all let’s bike" team's march
Barakat for food industries has produced a new product
Barakat supported and cared for "Hakini Salam" event in the World Peace Day
Participation of Barakat in Damascus International Fair
On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, Barakat has sponsored "Talented Kids" event
An invitation from the National Private School for the children of the special needs associations

The annunciation of "Our sweet country" Competition, sponsored by Ministry of Tourism and Barakat for food industries 

Syria Trust for Development-The Lighthouse of Mrs. Aisha
Barakat participate in " We want to run for BASMA Association" marathon to support cancer patients
The support and care of Barakat for Food Industries to the Chemical Week
Barakat supported and cared for " Measurement and life" event in the World Measurement Day

Barakat supported and cared for the celebration of " World Day for Safety and Health at Work"